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Life detox

It’s time for a life detox! I’m day-spa-ing the shit out of my existence, and I’m taking you along for the ride. Strapped in?

What’s getting cleansed, buffed and preened?

Diet ‘detox’

I’m air-quoting the detox here, as I don’t want you thinking I feel my liver isn’t good enough at removing crud on it’s own. There will be no non-scientific tea and lemon juice numbers here, although I have been consuming more lemon water than usual. Take that, toxins. What am I actually doing to detox my diet? Following my pre-pregnancy success on the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, I am now on a reasonably low calorie, low-ish carbohydrate, high fat diet. I’m not keto-esque, but I have eliminated the ‘white stuff’ from my diet (Flour, rice, sugars, pasta, potatoes.) (Basically a bunch of deliciousness, amiright?) I’ve been back on the clean eating wagon for two weeks, and I’m actually quite enjoying myself. I’ve managed to serve the dudes meals with garlic bread (my pregnancy craving) and not feel utterly deprived, only slightly jealous. I’m also doing quasi-intermittent fasting, so no food before lunch at least. BUT I still have milk in my coffee and tea, so there’s room for improvement. I’m hoping to lose around 40kg, I hope this time I’m in it for the long haul. (My post-pregnancy weight was 12kg under my original heaviest weight, So I’ll be looking at an overall loss of 50kg from my heaviest weight. Goodness!)

Financial detox

While I’m close enough to the “Millennial” generation that I’m sure certain people would level the usual financial cliches – such as frivolousness – at me, the truth is that I’m just pretty crappy with money. I’ve never really been good at wisdom where it comes to dosh. What am I doing to detox my finances? I’m starting small. I don’t have large income streams to work with, so small is certainly the best place to start! I’m making a concerted effort to wait. If I feel I want something, I’m going to wait a month and reassess. Do I still want said thing? If I do, then I’ll reflect- have I also saved enough in a special ‘spending’ fund to allow the purchase? If not, then I’ll keep saving and repeat the process. I’ve been absorbing the fabulous The Financial Diet for tips aimed at Millennials in a no-nonsense way. I aim to have a rainy day fund. I’m thinking small right now, though am flexible, should I be in a more financial position in the future I’ll certainly think bigger!

Home detox

KonMari, anyone? I’m at the tail end of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. I love Marie’s quirk. Lady’s got whim! She makes some brilliant points about only owning things which spark joy in you. She provides a strict prescription for the way in which one should reclaim their home, however I feel I’ll probably end up clearing out the clutter in a modified way. She warns that not following her method will lead you to have to relive the overhaul all over, and, to be honest, I’m kind of okay with that. I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist, but I’m going to detox our home of the things that no longer serve me and us. This is less a drastic change and a more overall lightening of the load. One day we’ll need to move ourselves to the country. I’d rather it not be a calamity when we do. AND, of more immediate concern, Jack will be mobile before we know it, and I don’t want his diet to consist largely of scrapbooking supplies.

Self-care detox

I’m hesitant to call this part of my detox a ‘detox’ at all. In a way it’s more of a retox. I’m overhauling the way I look after myself. After 35 years I’ve gone and developed an interest in makeup and all things cosmetic. I don’t know myself anymore! I want to embrace this act of self-care- look after my skin, hair, nails more than I have done in the past. This is not in the aim of beauty. This is more for my mental health. By embracing this I’m slowly showing myself that I am worth the preening and pruning. Makeup does wonders to make one look like they are not in a psychological funk. I can get behind that! Previously I’ve discussed self-care, as it is theoretically very important to me. Scratch that, it is important to me, I have just never felt myself worthy of it. So I’m detoxing those negativities. May there be bombs in my bath and volume in my hair!

I don’t expect these changes to happen overnight. My eating habits have been modified, yes, but there is a looooong weight loss journey ahead. I’ve also slipped up with some online spending, which in turn has added clutter to our home, but to counter-balance that, some of it has been self-care supplies, so you win some, you lose some. I’ll figure it all out eventually.

Have you thought about detoxing something in your life? Maybe today is the day to start?

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