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Life detox

It’s time for a life detox! I’m day-spa-ing the shit out of my existence, and I’m taking you along for the ride. Strapped in? What’s getting cleansed, buffed and preened? Diet ‘detox’ I’m air-quoting the detox here, as I don’t want you thinking I feel my liver isn’t good enough at removing crud on it’s own. There will be no…

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Art, Life, Warning: Contains Carbs

A day of Marimekko

  Marimekko is a design company based in Helsinki, Finland, that was established in a modernist, post-war world. Central to the Marimekko brand are it’s bold designs and simple shapes, both in print and in fashion execution. Marimekko translates to ‘Mary dress’, A dress for the every-woman. Marimekko’s style has endured through decades, always harking back to its roots. Many…

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Shopping Links, Tries

Mama Essentials

New mamas are often so focused on a tiny human or two that they don’t take time out for self care. “Sleep when baby sleeps” they say. What they do not say, oddly enough, is “do the washing when the baby does the washing” Or “vacuum when the baby vacuums”. But taking that time out for yourself, especially when baby…

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Free stuff that you pay for

It’s no secret that I love mail. I think a large part of my love for online shopping is receiving the resulting post. (Want to send me some mail? Pop me an email, let’s chat!) I love the idea of a subscription box, because: MAIL.And subscription boxes are like receiving free stuff (…only you have to pay for them, slight…

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You say goodbye, I say hello

{Video: My laser tattoo removal at Lazer Erazer.} Hello hello! Today has been a big day for me. You see, after many years of falling out of love with my spontaneously inked wrist tattoo, our slow journey to the end commenced today. We (my wee cheer squad, H as pilot and Jack as resident cutie) made the trip to Lazer…

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Memory lane

Flickr has just been purchased by a company I’ve never heard of (Which doesn’t mean much, I live under a rock). Before it disappears entirely I thought I’d pop over and take a trip down memory lane at some of the work I’d posted there along the way. Things I noticed: I really like red. Painting with coffee is a…

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  Thank you for stopping by the new and improved Shimmer and Glow! If you are looking for the old Shimmer and Glow, head here. We are so glad you could make it!  Hopefully you will enjoy your stay! I’d love if you filled my inbox with love, simply pop me a line via the ‘contact us’ section, or comment…

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